Magnet Therapy Brushing Boots 'Seconds' (Medium/Wide)

Magnet Therapy Brushing Boots 'Seconds' (Medium/Wide)

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THIS IS A 'SECONDS' PRODUCT which means there is a slight imperfection that makes it unsuitable to sell the product as perfect. 

Imperfection: The inner fleece does not meet the binding edge on the bottom of one boot.

Magnet therapy works by aligning the blood cells so that they flow freely to the destination in need of repair/ more oxygen thus aiding recovery times and helping to reduce swelling and joint stiffness.

We like the analogy of twigs flowing down a stream; if they are neatly aligned they will flow through gaps and bottlenecks and reach their destination quicker, much like the cells in blood vessels.

RECOMMENDATION: Use for up to 12 hours daily but never use if your horse has an open wound.

Colour: Forrest Green

The universal fitting means they can be used on either front or hind legs.

For product case study please see blog post "Magnet therapy" to read about the results the boots can have.