Cool Leg Wrap

Cool Leg Wrap

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Gone, are the days of cold hosing.

Designed by Harpley Equestrian, the Cool Leg Wraps provide cold compression support for the leg with minimal mess and no ice.

Provides great pain relief, treats sprains and ideal for tired leg muscles and joints. The gel is contained in quilted pockets, strategically placed around the leg and especially the tendon, meaning that the gel cannot slip down to the bottom of the boot during treatment.

non-slip, no-twist treatment that requires no ice.

Fitted with stretch loop straps allowing adjustment for a snug fit. As the gel subsides, the stretch straps contour to the leg and this reduces the chance of any slipping.

Simply place in cold water and leave to soak for 30-40 minutes and the internal crystals will turn to a cold gel. The Cool Leg Wraps maintain their temperature during 20 minute treatment period, unlike ice treatments.

For even colder treatment, soak in ice water and apply in the same way. Alternatively can be used for heat treatment, simply soak in warm water and apply in the same way.

Requiring no ice, the Cool Leg Wraps are perfect to take to competitions for post-event relief or treatment.

Available in sizes: Pony, Cob and Full.

Sold as a pair.