Boot Care & Fitting Guide

British made, NEW boots are made to last. With good care and attention they can easily last 10 years (depending on usage).
Even with frequent use you should expect any of our range of boots to serve you well for a minimum of 3 years. 
For maximum longevity follow these simple guidelines...
  1. Always check the integrity of of the boot after hitting a fence. The shock-absorbing guard is made from composite plastic which is designed to bend and flex and never to shatter, in very rare cases and with an extremely high impact, they can crack. See our Facebook page for a "demonstration of strength".
  2. Ensure that as little debris becomes stuck in your hook and loop as possible by keeping the boots fastened when not in use, if some does get stuck simply remove it with a Velcro brush.
  3. DO NOT leave to dry in direct sunlight for long periods.
  4. All of the boots are washed best by hosing down after a muddy ride (especially the Airoflow range) before the dirt has chance to dry, however all the performance boots including the magnet therapy boots can be machine washed on a low heat- we recommend 30 degrees or lower to prolong their life. *Cooling Gelcels are not machine washable. 
  5. Boots with fleece lining should be brushed before every use, brushing all of the fleece from the middle laying towards the outside edges will provide maximum comfort and protection against any rouge dirt, debris and even water. 


When choosing which size New Equine Wear boots your horse needs, we recommend the following: 

Small: 13.0-15hh          Medium: 15.1-16.0hh          Large: 16.1hh and over.
*We offer a medium-wide size on some products which has the length of the medium with the width of the large. Ideal for heavy-set horses or horses with lots of feather.
The technical specifications including measurements and number of straps can be found on the individual product pages. 
If you are unsure or would like advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. All of our employees have owned horses, used the products and would be happy to advise you on the best size and product for your horse(s).