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Vent-Tex | Leg Wraps | Wicking | Versatile

Vent-Tex Leg Wraps

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New Equine Wear received a message from International Eventing star Mary King, whilst she was away competing at Rolex Kentucky and Badminton recently.

“I just LOVE your Vent-Tex Leg Wraps. The best I have ever found”, enthused Mary. “They fit really nicely because they are shaped and don’t slip down. They are super comfortable in any climate and come down low over the foot to protect the coronet band. Wet legs dry through them after wash down, which saves time. There are lots of uses for them – Brilliant. Mx”

What is Vent-Tex?
Vent-Tex is a totally new concept, combining a cellular fabric outer with a low pile, fur fabric lining. This highly breathable combination wicks moisture away from the leg, where it evaporates to the atmosphere through the cellular outer structure. This creates both humidity and temperature control, as well as the ultimate in comfort for your horse.

When can I use them?
Quite simply, they can be used for almost any occasion! Vent-Tex leg wraps are ideal for use after exercise or washing, as they maintain a consistent temperature (in all weather conditions), whilst drying the legs, or they can be used for turnout in dry conditions, or even when travelling.

Will they slip or rub?
Vent-Tex Leg Wraps are shaped around the fetlock and pastern, with straps above and below the fetlock, to prevent slipping. They have reinforcement over the heel area and fit low over the coronet band for added protection and comfort. Inside, the softest of linings will suit even the most sensitive skin types.

Colour: Black

The universal fitting means they can be used on either front or hind legs.

Technical Specifications

Size Front Hind No. of Straps
S L37.5cm W32cm N/A Universal 4
M L41cm W35.5cm N/A Universal 4
L L44.5cm W38cm N/A Universal 4
XL L49cm W41cm N/A Universal 4