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Which XC boots are best for my horse?

The question we get asked more than any other. Which XC boots are the best for my horse? 

When deciding on the most suitable type of XC boot for your horse, you must first establish their needs. All of our XC range incorporate our immensely strong splinter-proof tendon and cannon bone guards, so which ever style you choose, we've got you covered.

All of the boots in our XC range & brushing boot range are machine washable at 30 degrees, and are manufactured right here in the UK. 

We see lots of riders out competing in other branded boots, all taped up. This may be personal preference, but all NEW boots are made with the highest quality hook & loop straps, meaning you should NOT need to tape them up, unless you want to!

Our sponsored rider Harriet Mitchell has owned her current pair of Airoflow XC boots for 3 seasons and never needs to tape them up, while other customers who have had their boots over 10 years tell us that they are still going strong. 

For sensitive skin 

For horses with sensitive skin we recommend the XC fleece boot. The luxurious fleece acts as a barrier at the top and bottom of the boot against grit, dirt and debris. This is very important for those with sensitive skin to prevent grit and debris coming into contact with the horses skin for potentially the duration of the ride, causing irritation.

If you have a horse with sensitive skin but do not require the protection needed for XC, we also offer the same high quality fleece in a brushing boot. 

For keeping legs cool

The XC Airoflow is our best seller, and it is easy to see why. The Airoflow not only breathes, it ventilates the leg with a constant flow of cooling air in relation to how much work the horse is doing. The harder the horse is working, the greater the flow of cooling air. Made from really tough mesh on the outside and a comfortable but strong, free-flow foam lining on the inside, the Airoflow is the best choice for those wanting to keep tendons extra cool during training and competition. 

If you have a horse who would benefit from Airoflow technology, but do not require the protection provided by the Airoflow XC boot, we also offer the Airoflow brushing boot for lighter exercise and training. 


For almost weightless protection & the neoprene allergic

The XC Lite is our lightest boot yet, perfect for when weight matters. The XC Lite is popular with race yards, providing exceptional protection with very minimal added weight and no neoprene. An extra high duty outer covering provides strength and very long life, while the orthopaedic foam lining fits to your horse's shape with wear, providing exceptional comfort. 

If you are looking for a super lightweight boot with NO NEOPRENE without the protection needed for cross country, we offer a brushing boot Lite perfect for daily wear during hacking, training and leisure. 

For sizing please see individual product pages, where the technical specifications are listed for each product. 

For general fitting and care guidelines, please see 'Boot Care & Fitting Guide' or you if you require specific advice please use our 'Contact Us' page to send us a  message which will be answered promptly by one of our knowledgeable staff members who has owned and competed.