Turnout with Confidence!

It is unmistakably winter - the time of year where the weather is miserable, the nights are longer than the days and mud rules our paddocks.

Why not keep your horse protected with our Freedom S-T-R-E-T-C-H Turnout Socks?



These turnout socks protect from below the knee and from the hock to the hoof. They fit snugly and securely around the horse’s leg, offering minimum movement and maximum protection against skin irritations and infections that may occur from being in wet fields.  By keeping the skin clean and dry, you can rest assured that your horse feels the benefits of regular turnout without being hampered by the troubles that winter can bring.

To keep your boots in excellent condition, simply machine wash. This low-maintenance approach to boot care is incredibly handy, saving time and effort.

Smart and effective, these stretchy and flexible socks are the practical choice for winter turnout.

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