The £24.50 accessory that could save you hours of preparation time (and frustration)

If, like us, you have horses who like to ruin your hours of bathing while in transit; let us introduce you to the TailMate. 

The TailMate is a tail guard and bag in one, providing you with value for money as well as peace of mind- your pristine tail is going to stay that way once you have closed the trailer door, with no nasty surprises upon arrival.

We've all been there... spending hours bathing, scrubbing, rinsing, bathing again, drying and brushing our horse's tails and then loading them onto the trailer/box and spending the journey hoping that this time you won't have to spend an additional 30 minutes scrubbing all over again and rushing to your class. 

The extended neoprene tail guard covers the area above the dock and generous 'hook and loop' fastening provides maximum adjustment for any size of tail, while the full length in-built tail bag protects the tail from any mess or stains. 

The TailMate can be thrown in the washing machine at 30 degrees and dries quickly when hung outside ready for your next trip. 

Do you have any tips on keeping horses spotless on show days? we'd love to hear them.