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Magnet Therapy case study

Magnet therapy has been used widely in humans and animals to treat a variety of ailments. But how does it work?

Magnet therapy works by aligning the blood cells so that they flow freely to the destination in need of repair/ more oxygen which helps recovery times and can reduce swelling and joint stiffness. 

Here, we tested the magnet therapy brushing boots on Monty, a 16 year old TB who suffers from fluid build up from a past injury in one of his hind legs. Monty was at the time on box rest.

The leg was measured before applying the boots, after a 10 hour period of being stabled. At 7pm the leg measured at 33.3cm. 

The boots were then applied at 7.05pm, and Monty was stabled overnight for a period of 12 hours. The boot was removed at 7am and measured at 26cm, a 7.3cm difference. 

From this case we can see a dramatic reduction in fluid build up. As the brushing boots can be worn in the field and during riding, Monty may have benefited even more from wearing the boots while turned out or during light exercise, as the movement from him walking would have aided the blood flow. 

We recommend use of the magnet therapy brushing boots for up to 12 hours daily, but never use if your horse has an open wound. 

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