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Be Prepared this Hunting Season!

At New Equine Wear we have the best boots to keep your horse protected while hunting. If looked after correctly, our boots will serve you well for a minimum of three years. For maximum longevity click here to follow our boot care guidelines.

A horse can bear a lot of weight and directional stresses through the leg, and their legs are very agile to allow a swift movement that makes them the athletes that they are. Leg boots are designed to support this movement yet whilst benefiting the horse. Boots can assist in protecting the structures of the leg from bumps against obstacles or from their own hooves. Horses, especially performance horses, can be prone to straining their leg tissues, tendons and ligaments in the leg. There is no internal padding from muscle tissue, so boots can help prevent injuries by absorbing impact in the lower leg.

Perfect for winter XC or for difficult ground out hunting, our XC Fleece boots are an all-terrain boot combining maximum protection and comfort. They have a rigid splinter proof tendon and cannon bone guard, as well as a flexible fetlock and sesamoid reinforcement. This technical structure provides sleek and integrated protection that does the job whilst creating a professional look. The deep, soft fleece lining acts as a barrier to all dirt and grit to save irritation on your horse’s legs, whilst the heavy-duty outer provides strength and a very long life. Perfect for comfort and protection during long days spent hunting.

Our XC Lite boots are extremely light, but immensely strong. Like the XC Fleece boots, the XC Lite boots have a high-quality outer for strength and longevity. Strong strike pads protect the tendons and cannon bones, whilst additional reinforcement gives excellent brushing protection.

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