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8 Reasons why all competitive riders should blog

Equestrian blogging has soared in popularity over the last few years, with each blogger having their own individual style of writing. Whether it is a web blogging site, a Facebook or Instagram page or maybe you're a 'vlogger' here are the reasons why we think everybody with progress to share, should! 

1. It is a form of journal, and keeping a journal has many health benefits such as expressing achievement, detailing frustration and simply getting your thoughts out of your mind and on to 'paper' (or keyboard). This can help clear your head, ready for your next ride or competition. 

2. You will have a fantastic diary of past achievement and challenges, to look back and see how far you have come. 

3. Writing (or typing) your goals may make you more likely to achieve them, especially when you share them with your supportive following.

4. With a following of supporters, you may find it easier to find advice or tips from other bloggers and build a network of like-minded people to encourage each other and share experiences.

5. It might get you noticed- equestrian companies are made up of people, normally whom are 'horsey'. If they enjoy reading your posts and find that you are an ideal representative, they may contact you to trial products, write guest blogs or collaborate.  

6. It helps when seeking sponsorship. To approach a company seeking sponsorship, it is great to have a place to send them to where they can see your progress, achievements and day-to-day activity, and how much interest this attracts from followers. Even better if there are lots of photos of you using and enjoying their products or services. *New Equine Wear is not currently looking to expand their sponsorship team, however we do like hearing about customer's progress.

7. It is nice to be a role model to the younger rider. Young people and young riders live and breathe social media, be someone that they aspire to be like. 

8. It improves your written skills, while writing about something you are passionate about, which is great for employers or educational organisations to look at when you are applying for a position/ programme.