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We fell at a hanging log in a 90cm Hunter Trial on 21st July... a muddy take off under the trees took my horse by surprise and he tried to add half a stride - we were going quite quick at the time and momentum meant that he ended up hitting into the log with his chest/front legs which then propelled us both over the jump and we ended up on the floor the other side. I have no idea how his leg didn’t get injured when the boot has a huge chunk missing out of it & I can’t imagine what injuries he would have sustained had he not been wearing the boots - all he had was a minor cut in the inside of his leg above the knee. A physio check a few days later showed he had a sore shoulder too but that was it.... and we even managed to compete at Chilham BE 6 days later (wearing our old set of NEW Equine Wear XC Boots !) I am so grateful to New Equine Wear for the protection they have given us.

K. Evans

'I would just like to say thank you. My horse was wearing your boots when we had a nasty accident. He ended up in a rotational fall and the impact cut him from above the knee, down his cannon bone on one leg, slicing the boot clean in two - but the injury below the boot was far more superficial. The boot then protected his other leg which took the impact from just above the boot, slicing the boot and twisting it, allowing the impact to be absorbed and stopping any injuries to that leg. As he tried to regain his feet he also trod on the back of his front leg, slicing into it - but yet again, no injury. Despite the one unavoidable injury to the knee he was absolutely saved by your boots. Now to replace them.'

J. West

I’m really impressed and highly recommend them to anyone looking for good support, breathability and stability in a cross country boot 👌🏻

L. Luxton